10.4 g Natural Baltic amber pendant inclusion insect

10.4 g Natural Baltic amber pendant inclusion insect

Unique amber piece with insect (inclusion) which is 45-50 million years old. Collectible piece!. Faceted and polished Baltic amber stone. Pendant shape.
  • Weight: 10.4 gram (0.36 oz.)
  • Inclusion: Fly (Diptera)
  • Age: 45-50 million years old 
  • Size: 9x29x66 mm
  • Stone: 100% natural Baltic amber
  • Treatment: no
  • Photo of insects made with zoom
  • Condition: as on the photo (good)

Tested 100% natural Baltic amber: floats in salt water and smells as pine tree if you warm it, UV tested passed! 
THIS IS 100% NATURAL BALTIC AMBER STONE (not pressed, not melted, not modified) ! ! !
Can be made and shipped as a pendant with small hole at the top with removable holder and rope.

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