21,2" KUZMA PETROV-VODKIN Still-life with a Herring Mixed media printed on canvas painting

21,2" KUZMA PETROV-VODKIN "Still-life with a Herring" painting not oil printed on canvas


Ready to be hang on the wall. Canvas on the wooden frame.

Medium: printed on canvas panel

Diagonal: 21,2" or 54,1 cm.

Size: 17,7" x 11,8" (in) or 45 x 30 cm.

Date: c. 1918. w / C. of Attribution.

Please note that this is a reproduction printed on canvas.

The size may differ from how it looks in the photo.

Color can be slightly different from the picture.

Kuzma Sergeevich Petrov-Vodkin was an important Russian and Soviet painter and writer. Until the mid-1960s, Petrov-Vodkin was nearly forgotten in the Soviet Union after his curtailment of painting and turn towards writing. Petrov-Vodkin writings were republished in the 1970s to a great acclaim, after a long period of neglect. His most famous literary works are the 3 self-illustrated autobiographical novellas: "Khlynovsk", "Euclidean Space" and "Samarcandia". The second of these is of particular importance, as it transmits Petrov-Vodkin worldview as an artist in great detail. Petrov-Vodkin also gave professional support to Rachel Kogan, who was his protégé and friend.The largest collection of Petrov-Vodkin's works is in the Russian Museum in St Petersburg, where, as of 2012, a whole room in the permanent exhibition is devoted to the painter. A memorial museum was also set up to Petrov-Vodkin in the house he built for his parents in his home town of Khvalynsk. It displays a selection of his works, as well as works by other Khvalynsk painters.

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