Buranit - green amber and Baltic amber

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          Bernite is a precious stone with stunning beauty and mesmerizing emerald color. It is more famously referred to as “green amber” and it used in making brooches, rings, bracelets pendants and other amber jewelry. It is one of the most ideal and loved by jewel collectors. Original amber can contain insects, stars or even fluffy stuffs and insects, Amber are gotten from tree resin that had been fossilized over a long period of time. It is good to note that not all ambers are equal and there are some who are artificially made in recent times. The Buranite is one of such amber jewel with artificial origin, although only ambers from the Baltic region (areas located in countries like Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) contain a distinct compound called succinic acid. This compound is absent in the other amber types. The bernite is a beautiful adornment that is always noticeable and can be very distinguishing in a crowd of people since it always clearly and vividly stands out. 

          The use of Baltic amber as a natural folk medicine can be dated back to thousands of years. During the time of Hippocrates in the ancient Greece around 400BC, Amber extracts were used for a variety of ailment treatment. It's use spanned even until the middle ages and till the modern periods. Ailments they were used for included: protection against diseases, throat treatment, teeth aches, stomach problems and even eye diseases. In ancient times they’ve been worn as talisman and amulets, these objects were worn by powerful men who believed in them. They were seen as good luck charm and thought to bring also good fortune and connect men with the supreme supernatural beings.

          There are always choices to make as supplied by Baltic amber jewelers, they could be polished or sent raw. This simply means the beads can be shaped or can be sent raw as it is, they are often polished shaped. In appearance, polished will appear and look more shiny and transparent but the raw will appear as to possess a frosted glass. These unique difference don’t reach to how the beads feel, bith are smooth to touch. With your eyes closed you’ll most likely won’t be able to tell them apart. Although it hasn’t been proven, it is said that polished have less succinic acid than raw amber due to some processes the polished tends to undergo. Both raw and polished Baltic amber still contain same compounds, this is confirmed by simply rubbing away the surface of the beads and smelling them. The artificial spells more like chemicals when warmed while the original spells like pine when rubbed with a soft fabric and this is a very useful method to tell apart bernite from buranite.


          Bernite are rare gems and care must be taken when buying or choosing them, there exists the artificial ones now known as the buranite. Buranite can be confused for the originals and mistaken, you are advised to buy from reputable website like us to avoid being ripped off. Baltic amber is quite soft and when measured on Mohs hardness scale it falls between 2 and 3. They need to be handled with a lot of care and stored separately from other pieces of jewelry to avoid getting is scratched. It should also not be left in under sunlight for a long time. Perfume and hairspray solvent can damage amber and should be prevented from touching its surface, boiling water should also be kept away from the amber. When cleaning the jewelry an ultrasonic cleaner should be avoided and also chemicals that are harsh, jewelry dip must not be used! To clean you can utilize a very soft cloth and dip in olive oil, this should get stains off without damaging its surface. If amber jewelry is set into gold or silver, you can try to clean the metal without touching the amber.

          Amber is also referred to as northern gold since they are very precious, expensive and people who have them are seen as wealthy people. During transportation of these gemstones they are usually accompanied by many guards and security personnel. Since they are not very common these days, the few seen around or transported are guarded carefully to prevent theft. The bernite amber is a very unique beautiful and rare piece of stone that has beyond one positive attribute attached to it today.

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