Legends and Myths About Amber

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          Do you love myths and legends? If so, you are in the right place. Amber is a great mineral and we are going to let you know more about it. This mineral has a lot of properties that are good for your health, but it will not stop there.

          Amber has been related to many legends and myths that you need to know about. Knowing more about these legends and myths will allow you to have more fun when it comes to using this stone. Amber can give you a lot of good reasons to be happy. 


Supernatural Qualities


Ancient peoples thought that amber had some supernatural qualities. This is something to be expected from ancient peoples because they did not have any sort of scientific knowledge to draw on when they thought about amber or something related to it. They even use some articles from amber in their amazing magical rites.

          They used some amber amulets so they could worship their gods with something they truly valued and loved. They used amber amulets to protect themselves from many diseases. They also used amber amulets in battles because they thought that they would allow them to stay alive during battles.


No Diseases

Ancient peoples thought that amber could pull diseases out of a body. They also thought that this mineral could attract the good luck that they needed so much, so they used a lot of amber amulets to get what they wanted down the line.

          They saw that amber attract small objects as they rubbed it, and that was something that they loved. They thought that amber attracted good luck the same way, so they started using amber amulets right off the bat too. They used amber adornments so they could get out of misfortune as soon as possible too.


Protection from the Devil

          Ancient peoples also thought that amber would give them the protection they needed from any devil eye out there. They also loved to think that amber would allow them to get the luck they wanted in the area of love.

          They also thought that amber was useful to make a man cleverer and stronger. There are some tragic cosmic events that the ancient peoples thought that amber was re-
lated to.

Jurate and Kastytis

          The famous Baltic legend of Jurate and Kastytis is awesome when it comes trying to explain the origin of this stone. The legend says that Jurate is truly a mermaid and a ruler of the see. She was also living in a palace, and this building was found at the bottom of the sea. This place was made of Baltic amber.

          The Baltic people believed that this place was a sacred one, and they adored god in this place. They loved it too because they thought it was a source of hope for them too. Kastytis was a fisherman in this legend. Jurate became angry with Kastytis because she caught just too many fishes.

          We have talked a lot about some myths and legends related to amber. This stone is truly awesome, and the ancient peoples believed that it had a wealth of supernatural qualities. Yes, this stone is great and they loved it for these qualities at all times too.

          Amber is here to stay for a long time because it is a very good stone for us to use it. Ancient peoples also believed that amber had a lot of health properties. They thought that amber was awesome to help them be free from diseases of all kinds too.

          They wanted to be healthy as long as they lived, and amber was awesome for them – or at least, this was something they believed. Amber was also thought to attract good luck in life and in love. Yes, amber was also related to many legends that they ancient peoples just loved.

          Ancient peoples also thought that amber offered protection from the devil, and that was something that they truly loved. Jurate and Kastytis is another legend related to the origin of this stone. Go over this legend and have more fun too.

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