The Types and Value of Baltic Amber

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Amber is fossilized resin. It is one of the few organic precious stones. Organic compounds of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen make up Amber. Baltic Amber comes from the countries around the Baltic Sea. It is the kind of Amber that is of the highest quality. Baltic Amber is considered to be the most beautiful kind of Amber all over the world.


There are many different colors of Amber. Yellow and brownish ones are the most common Amber colors. 

Black Amber is not a pure one. Remains of the trees where it came from and other plant matter are usually
mixed with the resin. Black Amber becomes another color when held up to the light. It can become dark red, blue, or brown. This type of Amber is more expensive than common Amber.

Green Amber is another popular kind of Amber. All over the world, plenty of green Amber is found. And its value and cost usually go up as the shade of green gets deeper in the rock. If you want less expensive green Amber, then you can choose to buy lighter shades of green or yellow-green Amber. If you heat Amber, it becomes more transparent and even more beautiful.


White amber is rare to find. Its texture is very unique. When you look at it, it has plenty of decorative swirls of different colors and hues. This decorative effect is one-of-a-kind. White Amber is natural and is never treated.

Red Amber is another rare type of Amber. You can find only one red amber from among hundreds. it has an authentic color which can be very deep. It is very expensive to buy red Amber per gram.

Blue Amber is the rarest of all. When it is caught in the right light, it becomes blue. When fluorescent light shines on it, it changes color. But when the fluorescent inside of the amber reacts to the light, it will become a dazzling blue.

Jewelry with amber stone is unique. It is different from other gems because it is a resin and not a stone. it is warm to the touch and lightweight compared to other gemstones. Amber jewelry is more delicate because it is soft. It should be cleaned with mild soap and warm water. You can polish it with olive oil and a soft cloth.

You can find Amber jewelry in most jewelry stores around the world. It is a perfect addition to your jewelry box. You can find Amber necklaces, rings, earrings, and pendants. Baltic Amber jewelry is easy to find. 
Baltic Amber is more expensive than Dominican Amber. If a piece contains an insect or a plant, the price of the amber is higher than pieces that don't include them. Amber with no insect inclusion can cost a few dollars per piece but if it has a complete insect or plant inside, it might sell for thousands of dollars. Reddish Amber has more value than gold amber. But gold Amber is more valuable than yellow Amber. Bluish or greenish Amber can be highly valuable. Transparent Amber is more valuable than cloudy ones.

Value is added to Amber if an insect or a plant is included in it. Fake Amber can be sold online, in jewelry stores, or in tourist areas. Imitation Amber products are produced in huge amounts. With a few tests, you can find out if the Amber you are buying is real or fake.

Here are some ways of testing real Amber from fake ones.


  • Visually, real Amber beads are unique in appearance. They have imperfections. They have tiny cracks or small air bubbles. 
    Its shape is not always round but varied. It is warm to the touch which is not true with fakes.
  • Real Amber floats in saltwater. However, it is not good to try this with Amber jewelry especially if there is metal.
  • Real Amber gets scratched. It is fake if it doesn't. You shouldn't perform a scratch test to an expensive piece.

If Amber jewelry is priced much lower than most competitors, then it is a good indication that you might be buying a fake one. You should request the seller to provide a certificate of Amber authenticity. A reputable and trustworthy seller will have no problem in providing you with one. With this certificate then you are assured that you are buying real Amber jewelry.

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