Handmade damascus steel sword dagger glaive saber work

Handmade damascus steel sword dagger glaive saber work

Total length – 483 mm.

Blade length – 357 mm.

Blade – damascus steel

Handle –wood, brass guard

Leather sheath included

Blade hardness – 55-58 HRС

Blade Butt Thickness – 4-5 mm

Damascus steel sword made from forged steel blades. The sword made of damascus steel is characterized by patterns in the form of stream-like stripes and ripples. This blade is famous for its high hardness and rigidity, resistance to destruction, as well as excellent sharpenability, which allows you to get a sharp and strong cutting edge. In terms of cutting properties, high-quality Damascus steel is several times superior to other steel grades. This is a unique author's work.

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