Handmade viking carbon steel wood axe shield tomahawk

Handmade viking carbon steel wood axe shield tomahawk

Diameter - 508 mm

Total length – 508 mm.

Blade length - 228 mm.

Handle length – 508 mm.

Blade – carbon steel

Handle – walnut wood

Leather sheath included

Blade hardness – 55-60 HRC

Blade Butt Thickness – 4-5 mm

The steel axe is distinguished by a wild, chaotic and unique pattern, which is achieved by forge welding at high temperatures of steels of different chemical composition. The product is deeply oxidized, which reliably protects the metal from corrosion.

Steel axe is made by hand by experienced craftsmen, keep sharpness for a long time, have high strength and do not rust. Each bend and angle of the ax handle is ergonomic to provide a comfortable grip.

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