Sharp damascus steel knife inner lock damascus leather

Sharp damascus steel knife inner lock damascus leather

Knife "Salina"

Damascus knives are very durable, look great and keep sharpness perfectly. Damascus steel has high quality contents to give it an excellent edge and sharp cutting ability. The blade retains sharpness for an incredibly long time. The knife has a long service life. The blade does not need frequent sharpening and can serve its owner for decades. High aesthetics and status of the blade.

• Blade - damask steel

• Handle – damascus

• Scabbard – leather (included)

• Blade hardness – 56-60 HRC

• Total length – 191 mm.

• Blade length – 89 mm.   

• Handle length – 102 mm     

• Blade Butt Thickness – 3-4 mm  

The Damascus knife is wear-resistant and effective. It can serve the owner for decades. The metal does not need sharpening and can withstand heavy loads. The product does not lose its original properties and retains its attractiveness. Blanks with different concentrations of carbon are taken for forging. After processing, they are welded together and re-forged. Low-carbon alloy layers are the substrate that separates parts of the substance. This allows you to achieve maximum blade strength. The combination of steel layers makes the blade sharp and resistant to deformation.

A special feature of the Damascus knife is the ability to maintain sharpness and an unsurpassed appearance. Aesthetics, durability and practicality made it popular among hunters and fishermen. The blade remains sharp for a long time, even in active use.

Recommendations for care:

·          clean immediately after use;

·          store in a dry place;

·          at high humidity, wipe the blade with oil;

·          it is better to store the product in a leather case.

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